This Is the Most WTF in the History of the WTF

May the blessings of the gods of your choice be upon you people. I make a #hottake, and then we all get to chat about it like civilized human beings, and then gauntlets get thrown down not in the form of a duel to defend the object’s honor, but to one-up the very notion being discussed.

That Maison Book Girl thing from the other day? Wonderful response. Thank you all, really; good opinions and stuff all over the map. Loved it.

And then Chris went further than any person should:

I am in full agreement with this; somewhere, deep in the collective consciousness, where one might only adventure after consuming massive amounts of ayahausca, is the place where true inspiration lies. It is obscured to us, impossible to discern without the total enlightenment of the Logos, but nonetheless still clearer and more perceptible than Plato’s cavern shadows. And in that place lurks the root of all creative power.

Chris has clearly glimpsed the Beyond, the center of inspiration from which Maison Book Girl’s music emanates, and returned sane enough to produce this impossible track. That, or the experience drove him to complete madness, and this result is exactly what he hears inside of his own mind now. Either way, I’m all in.