Here’s the First Clip from PassCode’s New Album

Here’s a neat little treat: Yesterday, PassCode began the promotion for their ZENITH album with a radio play, presumably for the lead track (and the MV that could be coming along fairly shortly), “ONE STEP BEYOND.”

More than a few dutiful fans got the hell out there and recorded the sucker when it hit the airwaves; this is one of the cleaner versions.

Muchas gracias to Viz Major for the find

That’s a pretty good song! Yuna sounds sufficiently ferocious, and the whole thing is my favorite version of PassCode, which is like going to the world’s most headbanging rave. Ironic, too, given that I not only called out PassCode for being a little cookie-cutter in their approach in that thing the other day, but have historically, too (there are three templates!). This, though, is a great counter-example; it sounds like a PassCode song in the way that they have a clear, distinct signature sound, but it doesn’t exactly sound like other things they’ve done before.

In other words, I’ve gone from “yeah, I guess I’m looking forward to ZENITH, unfortunate title aside” to “I MUST HAVE THIS I HOPE IT’S ON U.S. ITUNES THE DAY IT GETS RELEASED.”

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