How Much Should I Like You’ll Melt More!’s ‘MoiMoi’?

I was kind of eagerly anticipating this one, gang, on account of You’ll Melt More! being one of my back-pocket favorite things in idol and their previous stuff from discopsychedelica being up to the group’s normal high level and all of that. It dropped, I very eagerly clicked to YouTube and:

There’s even a helpful dance tutorial:

Like with “Hamidashi Paradise” last year, YMM clearly wants this song to be a thing by going all-in on the video and doing the dance video accompaniment for it, and there’s a significant press effort at play, too. They want “MoiMoi” and what we may as well call “the MoiMoi dance” (and be making zero reference to Sakura Gakuin) to be a big deal, viral and fan-participatory and stuff.

I’m normally pretty taken by You’ll Melt More!’s work. This song does pretty much nothing for me, though, and that’s kind of a shame — I was going to buy the album! It also makes me leery about the push, but maybe I’m the one that’s out to lunch and the “true fans” or whatever are happily practicing their moves in a mirror right now.

So I don’t know. Am I just missing something?

4 thoughts on “How Much Should I Like You’ll Melt More!’s ‘MoiMoi’?

  1. I always hate when someone is so obviously setting to try to make a “viral dance”, it always ends up inducing cringe.

    The AKB mafia has a handful of them and they all have basically the same gist as this video but with a much higher budget:
    Fuck off.

    • YES! I’m sure they’ll speed it up a bit when played live, because I felt the same way about it, needed to be a little faster. Perfectly enjoyable song with a cutesy video, and personally, I will dance any way that Ano tells me to, no hypnotizing pocket watch required! 😉 I’m sure there will be some that don’t think this is normal-level crazy from YMM, and they’d be right, but that’s what makes them so great, they go in any and every direction they want to and we are all just along for the ride, so enjoy it, or don’t!

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