This JyuJyu Set Works So Well in Context

And after following that earlier bit of gothy metal idol stuff, it only makes sense to keep with the theme and enjoy this rather artistic live from JyuJyu:

Forget all of the music for a second; can we please acknowledge that the video is intercut with a bunch of fan footage via cell phone, and that it was edited in barely two days’ time? I can barely do my laundry that quickly.

Oh, and the music, which is of course arguably as close to doom metal as you’ll get from idols most of the time, but is also explicitly not doom metal because idols gotta idol. I always enjoy the hell out of it, and I always feel like I’m being robbed of the JyuJyu experience because there doesn’t tend to be a ton of live video from them.

Now I’m just rooting for another Halloween-time video release that can keep up with last year’s incredible entry.

One thought on “This JyuJyu Set Works So Well in Context

  1. Nice video, despite the bad audio. Good set list of mostly recent tracks and the familiar type of dance choreography.
    Still of the opinion, that two is the best amount of members for JyuJyu.

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