This Friday Fun Is about Ginning up Controversy

Hey everyone! Thanks for giving us your suggestions for future articles on the site! We’ll be back with a brand new image and lots of ads for diet pills and mail-order brides next week!

Oh, WACK. Always an inspiration for Friday Funs. My honest-to-god New Years resolution for 2018 was “tone down the Watanabe memes” and, honestly, I’m kind of failing.

Well, good thing WACK was only the inspiration for this Fun and not the overall theme, isn’t it?

And what happened this time? Well, this week’s sneak-peek into new BiS certainly ruffled some feathers, didn’t it? Some people were excited, some people were upset, some people were then upset at the people who were upset, then people were upset at the people who were upset at the people who were upset, it’s just an upsetting mess. But for WACK, this is simply another scrap of fandom drama to add to their dusty boxes along with DiET OR DiE and BiS posing nude for Playboy.

So let’s come up with more unnecessary drama!

Oh lordy if this doesn’t make me lose my position at Homicidols and blacklisted from the entire Alt-Idol fandom then I don’t know what will, but this week, you should come up with scenarios that would cause future discourse on the Internets! Is the Ayaplane more influential at stealing other idols than the CY8ERBUS? What counts as alt-idol? And of course, the classic, Watanabe supporters vs. Watanabe haters.

Tweet with #IdolDiscourse and if I’ve disappeared next week you know why.