BILLIE IDLE Finally Isn’t Lying about the ‘Last’ Thing!

If you crazy kids are regular followers of that hip new rock ‘n’ roll idol group BILLIE IDLE, you may have noticed a whole mess of references to something called “P.S.R.I.P.” lately. Ominous, no, after LAST ALBUM? Kind of!

Well, it’s a single. John with the heavy lifting:

We knew to expect something from Billie Idle today, we just didn’t know what. So we had to wait around for the announcement, as usual. 今晩22時にお知らせがあります。 — BILLIE IDLE® (@b_idle_official) February 22, 2018

via Billie Idle Announce Upcoming Single — Straight From Japan

Ah, see, it was “last” something, though — no more of Watanabe on production! Or maybe he’ll be back at a later date (it’s idol — soap operas have more believable continuity); for now, though, NIGO alone will take that role. Also, to continue to prove that she’s better than literally every other human, First Goddess Uika wrote all of the lyrics.

As for the title, I’ll just call it good ol’ appreciation for the art of the death and leave it alone. Just look at that cover art!