Your Homicidols Weekender #67

Good morning! How is everybody’s weekend so far? I somehow managed to finagle an effective day off for the last meaningful day of Olympic action, which is easily the most exciting personal thing in a while. Here’s a tip, kids: Don’t do DIY unless your personal degree of self-loathing is high enough to blunt the loss of genuine personal life.

I’m going to go enjoy myself, in fact, and you should, too. Play the Fun like you know you should (it’s been an active one!), and, after the Fun, you also really need to go and involve this in your life:

You Mean You Want to Waste Even More of Our Time?

This new one from Niji no Conquistador wants you to believe that it’s badass:

Moar details from the ayumikurikamaki album:

Mizuki graduated from Elfloat, and one big fan managed to capture the whole goodbye MC:

JOANJOAN made this happen:

I was looking for something else random EMPiRE-related, and got trapped here:

Up close and personal with Waka’s tattoos:

Go download SAKA-SAMA:

Hell yes, she did:

A couple of new ones from Koutei Camera Girl Drei:

Well, relatively

Hey, it’s a SPARK SPEAKER album!

Just FunFunfun mixing up Yunomi:

The first single from Reverberation Symmetry:

And the next single from GANG PARADE:

PassCode’s doing the lord’s work on the Locus behind-the-scenes:

Anticipate Full Power Girls R!

I appreciate that milcboy appreciates the full romaji spelling of her name for her album art (oh btw, album!), while doubling down on the spelling:

You might dig this one from tipToe, who you may recall from that Dots tribute:

Or … a completely kind of Dots tribute:

Bucho’s playlist:


Fresh Seno Sister:


Good to see that even Sakura Gakuin has basically stopped making new music:

Bless this girl:

Why didn’t anybody tell me about a new Candy GO!GO! single?

As for Candye Syrup:

And what about PiGU?

YuYu is maybe the least known member of GANG PARADE:

And Aya is no longer part of the team:

Thanks, Paul!

Nothing about my girl Ophelia 20mg’s outfit makes sense:

RIOT BABY is up to five members, and new music on the way:


It’s worth a few minutes to understand the Cryptocurrency Girls:

Have a great weekend!