I Think We Need to Find a New Name for CY8ER

There was a nice little pop yesterday when CY8ER released this little member teaser video and people realized what they were seeing:

If you’re new, watch to the end …

… and if you still aren’t sure, I point you to this post from several months ago, which accidentally encompasses a similar feeling with the exact same person involved (and also reinforces the fact that you should never, ever listen to me).

But hey neat! The former BPM15Q continues to expand, Rinahamu looks increasingly like a human doll, the sound is all beats and synths and hip and cool and befitting a project called “CY8ER,” but I kept thinking about different kinds of epithets for Rina’s magnum opus.

Like, at which point does CY8ER stop not only expanding, but soaking up the disaffected former members of groups that momentarily generated a lot of excitement, only to basically fall on their faces because idol managers can be butt, but the true indie space (and, in CY8ER’s case, the realm of being produced by a member) gives people an opportunity to do the work of idol with what I would imagine to be a less stressful, more free-feeling environment. Or does a ? belong there instead? Glorious sentence.

Like, Rinahamu went solo when BiS was a little too much for her. But she knew that she wanted to push boundaries anyway, so she carved out a career as a hyper-creative artist willing to do everything from the stage work to the songwriting to pretty much everything. I won’t pretend to know all that much about BPM15Q, but I look around at the various groups and bands and other projects that she does, and it’s impressive, you know? Overall output may be a little on the low side, and I still don’t know how she does it.

Ever since BPM15Q morphed into CY8ER and nicamoq called it quits, the group has become something of a refuge. It first took in Mashiro from DEEP GIRL, who left to look for opportunities that were actual opportunities, and now there’s Anna ex of Bellring Girls Heart and the horrorshow that was/is ICE CREAM SUICIDE. Who else is available to soak up?

I chatted with Kerrie about it for a minute yesterday — she wants to do something similar to the BiSwagon for CY8ER, which is appropriate — and we’re both on board with the idea that Rina’s something of an idol version of the the Collector, wherein she seeks out the important and powerful (and escaped!) to preserve their talent for future use. Or maybe to use it for her own purposes!

The point to all of this is to say that CY8ER either isn’t going to stop until two more members are added to get to 8 (thereby finally realizing its true potential … or it’s time to start referring to them as the Island of Misfit Toys. It’s all good!

2 thoughts on “I Think We Need to Find a New Name for CY8ER

  1. It puts to rest any doubts about the group’s future (FOR NOW?), and that mix of ドキドキパリラルラ in the video sounds rad.

  2. It’s not what I would call my usual taste in music, but something about Rinahamus work just draws me in with a Siran like call that I cant resist.
    Behind the squeaky voice, and the rather shy facade there is obviously a very sharp and creative mind at work. An “inside the homicidol mind” interview with Rinahamu would make for fascinating reading.
    And it’s nice to see her running a refuge for unwanted or abandoned idols.
    An idol’s not just for Christmas you know.

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