I saw this the other day when Jul RTed it:

Without any context, I thought it was a funny thing that would go into the Weekender, and then I’d back off and continue to wonder if Daichi were secretly seething about BURST GIRLS and throwing epic shade or something. OH BUT NO!

No, friends, Daichi’s back in the idol game. One could have surmised that when he didn’t cut ties with HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI during the A-minor blowup, but he tried very hard to make it sound like he wasn’t doing this anymore. Contrary to that, he’s now making it sound like this might be the kind of project through which he can scratch his creative itches while sticking with idol, which is either clearly something that I enjoyed more than he thought he did, or a more viable path forward from a business perspective.

Hoping for a March debut! That’s good. Two members. Not doing cheki, apparently, and the debut will be free, because Daichi. They’re going to make very little money, but they’ll probably be loads of fun while they get there!

h/t Krv for insights from Daichi’s ever-opaque tweets

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