There Are More NoA Songs!

I usually don’t want you to just take my word for something. Yes, the sky is blue; yes, water is wet; yes, the first proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem was written by me while waiting for the school bus. However, I want you to take it from me right now that I am in fact as exuberant about NoA’s release of two fresh tracks as would be indicated by the title of this post, not by the two days’ delay that it took me to get there (thanks Jul!). A guy gets busy sometimes, all right?

So! Do you recall NoA? Like, owner of the single greatest group disbandment ever? That NoA? Our last look at her was a good indicator that she wasn’t exactly making chopped liver in her solo / not-idol efforts. Now that, yes, there are more NoA songs, do they stack up?

This is such an idorock song, my goodness



NoA is now also fronting a band, appropriately called NoA’s Ark, which yes:

I love creative artists.

One thought on “There Are More NoA Songs!

  1. Light of Hope and Re:Gret are actually 2 old songs from years back, when she was a solo artist under a different name! That CD is now sold out, and I guess she got rid of that old stuff from her youtube now so re-upped them. The other 2 are new – I like them!

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