Kerrie Interviews Idols (Again): NECRONOMIDOL

Ah, yes, arguably, the main event. It’s weird, actually. This is the second time I have interviewed Necroma (and the third time Homicidols has interviewed them overall), but I was still the most nervous about this particular interview.

I can say without a doubt that NECRONOMIDOL are my favourite unit nowadays. And Sari is not just the official Homicidols oshi of 2017-2018 (well), she also shares the joint podium with GANG PARADE’s Coco Partin Coco as my personal kamioshi. I was insanely excited, but terrified, to see them again.

Well, I’m sure enough people saw my Twitter fangirling to know that it went okay. They were all lovely to see again, as always. Rei even pulled out a chair for me to sit on as we started the interview! As it was Hina’s birthday in a couple of days, I gave her a gift bag of chocolate and a Hedwig plushie, and she was happy, and then I was happy! There’s a lot really that I could babble on about. There’s not much to say about their actual performance that hasn’t already been said before; they were absolutely captivating, as always. I think Sari’s facial spider may have been powering my ability to take photos, as once I noticed that it had fallen from her face, my camera ran out of space and my phone ran out of battery. Spooky!

Some noteworthy moments of the night included:

  • Sari’s recently learned English phrases (“Chilling”, “Glamazon” and “Drag Queen”; drag queens are actually a big inspiration for her)
  • Hina’s tale of how she confused a shop assistant by going to a school uniform supplier and buying an actual British school uniform just because she thought it was cute and wanted to wear it
  • Himari’s bad luck; first, she banged her head on an overhead speaker during her member introduction, then she fell off the stage (thankfully, caught by bystanders before she could hit the floor and do more damage), then dropped her microphone, then her MC notes got smudged by her sweat and she couldn’t read it. I was seriously worried about her the whole night, but she kept going regardless because Himari is hardcore

I hope I can see them a third time soon!

Himari, as Necroma’s biggest anime fan, how excited are you to be performing at an anime convention soon?

Tsukishiro Himari: It’s like a dream come true! Ever since I became an idol I wanted to perform at an anime event, so I just want the time to go faster!

NECRNOMIDOL has visited a fair few countries now. What country would you like to visit that you haven’t already?

Kakizaki Risaki: All countries.

Sari, you won the Queen of the Scene and have been the Official Oshimen of since last summer. Are you ready to defend your title?

Sari: Eeh!? (Laughter) Over the past year, I’ve been happy that even when I’m not posting anything very interesting I still feature on the site. It makes me really happy to be on there all of the time. If the fans vote for me again this year I will try my hardest to write a lot of interesting material for everyone!

Ed. note: Mere hours after this statement was recorded, Saki launched her sneak attack; if only such a thing could have been predicted!

What was it like doing a signing session in the UK?

Risaki: It was really exciting to see everybody waiting for us, and to see the fans even waiting outside of the store before it started.

Now that you’re in the UK for a second time and doing another substantial European tour, is England your favorite country outside of Japan? Be honest

Yotsuyu Hina: YES!! (Everyone starts laughing)

Sari: There’s been a lot of fans who have always been supporting us in England, so I really love playing here.

Imaizumi Rei: I was actually born in England, so I feel a real connection to it. I love performing here.