There Are More NoA Songs!

I usually don’t want you to just take my word for something. Yes, the sky is blue; yes, water is wet; yes, the first proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem was written by me while waiting for the school bus. However, I want you to take it from me right now that I am in fact as exuberant about NoA’s release of two fresh tracks as would be indicated by the title of this post, not by the two days’ delay that it took me to get there (thanks Jul!). A guy gets busy sometimes, all right?

So! Do you recall NoA? Like, owner of the single greatest group disbandment ever? That NoA? Our last look at her was a good indicator that she wasn’t exactly making chopped liver in her solo / not-idol efforts. Now that, yes, there are more NoA songs, do they stack up?

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We Got Some More New Tracks from NoA

Welcome back, NoA. When last we met, the former DiSPANiC member had put out a few teasers after a long period of (online) quiet; over the last few days, she’s been at it again.

This is “Future.” It’s a nice little song!

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It’s NoA Time for Indie Idol Wednesday

Once upon a time (last year), there was an underground idol project called DiSPANiC. Odds are that you have no idea what I’m talking about, have never seen nor heard of them, nor will you ever because the group just casually broke up a while back, casting the two members to the wind.

One of those members was Noa, who has something of an identity in the idol world as a model and singer and stuff. The modeling stuff I knew about, because that’s what’s usually on her Twitter feed, but I’ll also confess to having had stopped noticing very much from her until Jul suggested the other day that I include some of her recent musical work in the Weekender. That’s not a bad idea, but come on — this warrants much better than the Weekender: Continue reading