The Final Episode of “BEYOND THE RED”

This actually happened yesterday, but it being Mother’s Day and all in the United States and Canada, and I being both an excellent son and grandson sort of distracted from the last chapter in NECRONOMIDOL’s serial horror short, which has been … it’s been a journey, man. It’s been a journey. I knew that I was going into it with a whole lot of disadvantages (minimal Nihongo being easily the greatest), but one’s raw enthusiasm for a project by one’s favorites can overcome many things.

Three previous chapters exist, and we got ’em all. I recommend watching the whole thing in sequence, as doing so will definitely help to contextualize things more and avoid the “wait, wtf is that now?” stuff that tends to happen when you don’t have the language helping to ground you.

Ah yes, the power of a NECRONOMIDOL song

Yes, as things conclude, we can also conclude that Okaki is the leader for a very good reason, and that terrible things will happen if you go snooping around where you aren’t welcome, which I think is actually the moral of every J-horror movie I’ve ever seen and certainly connects lots of dots to that whole Lovecraft business.

So that’s a wrap. I wish there were more of it! Or another project of equal or greater ambition that Ricky can put his wild stamp on.