This Is Episode 2 of NECRONOMIDOL’s “BEYOND THE RED” Film

Man, you wake up on a Sunday all hoping for goodness and light and clarity and hope, and not only is it raining buckets outside, but NECRONOMIDOL up and dropped the second installment of their short film, and of course I’m immediately going to watch it despite being unable to follow the story in all but the most cursory of ways!

This one was way easier than the first one to follow for those of us with limited Nihongo. I still found myself getting frustrated and deciding to make up my own dialogue between the members. I also imagined emotional relationships between members and other characters that probably don’t exist in either the real world or the context of the film, but it sure was fun. And thanks for the cliffhanger!

Stay tuned for episode 3 at some point in the future!

2 thoughts on “This Is Episode 2 of NECRONOMIDOL’s “BEYOND THE RED” Film

  1. I was waiting to watch it, hoping it would be subbed at some point, didn’t the first one have subtitles?

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