This Is the First Episode of NECRONOMIDOL’s Short Film

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Forgive the exuberance, gang, but I’ve very quietly been very excited about BEYOND THE RED ever since first hearing about it. I’m not expecting dang cinema verite, but a good time involving lots of my favorite things all at once? Yes and please. The very first installment is in the can, so let’s watch it together!

45 seconds in, I’m like, YEAH IT’S ALL IN ENGLISH! Imagine the gamut of my disappointment

Way back in the day, your friendly neighborhood Maniac was roommates with a film student. Or, more precisely, a photography student who’d enrolled in this film component of the program that I was in (that had nothing to do with film, incidentally). We weren’t the best of friends or anything, but we shared a mutual appreciation for getting blindingly drunk and arguing about Film As Craft. Of course neither of our opinions were worth a crap — seeing as how we were both rank amateurs and also young and unapologetically more committed to girls and beer than our respective arts — but man, could we argue up a storm. I definitely learned things from him during our sober moments, too, especially when I started to appear in his work (he paid in meals!), so much so that our arguments took on a much more interesting hue by the end of the semester.

I’m thinking about my guy while this clip unspools, and about some of our better discussions. I’m thinking about how his more pretentious side would have hated this while I would have called him a joyless idiot, so he would make me justify why I kept tittering with glee. And in that spirit, I’ll give you a partial rundown of things that I can actually make sense via typing as opposed to whiteboard lecture or something:

  • Go watch Blow-Up and then return to this discussion
  • Necroma hoodies
  • A la the soundtrack and sampling in a GWAR film, that “psychopomp” moment broke me
  • When editing works better than an effects budget

So yeah, I have only the barest of notions as to what’s going on in this story so far, but I had a great time getting there. Can’t wait for the rest!