This Is “BEYOND THE RED” Episode 3

I was one of those people who studied abroad for a spell (and then came back and couldn’t stop talking about it for months). The country I was in was and is known for its avant garde cinema scene, so my program had a film component, and I had film students as friends, including one as a roommate. As a result, I spent plenty of time watching movies that were in a language that I could only in the most generous of senses say that I understood. It was a good time!

This is to lead into … the latest release of NECRONOMIDOL’s short horror film BEYOND THE RED, which I like to watch because I like to watch Necroma!

Parts 1 and 2 for your catching-up enjoyment

Quick thoughts!

  • Okaki wota, be warned!
  • Hearing “psychopomp” should be as chilly as hearing those shrieking violins in Psycho
  • Who?

I kid, I kid. Well, kind of. Piss takes and all. Being of the Nihongo-limited sort, I follow this story about as well as the visuals allow, and the narrative’s deliberately kind of obscure at this point, so. For those who are following along seamlessly, for real, how is it? I not in a small way love the idea of Necroma and this film slipping into some horror fests, but that only works if the product is good!

2 thoughts on “This Is “BEYOND THE RED” Episode 3

  1. Aww, and I was still waiting/hoping for subs to the second episode, time to accept the reality…

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