That’s Better, Candye Syrup

Have you ever had norovirus? It’s awful. My fever got so bad on Sunday that I was literally having hallucinations that Miyako from Guso Drop was in my house. Stay away from county fairs, kids.

But when you’re laid up and barely cognizant, it’s nice to know that friends are still paying attention. Like John here, grabbing this Candye Syrup thing by the reins and driving home. They still have some making up to do, but this is better work.

New kids to the scene, Candye♡Syrup, are not holding anything back when it comes to letting us have material to listen to. Today they released a new track and karaoke versions all of their previously released track on their Soundcloud account. So if you are a fan of this group get over there and have […]

via Candye♡Syrup: On A Soundcloud Rampage — Straight From Japan