Idol Is Like the Boy Scouts: Always Prepared

So VanillaPancakes went and ruined the surprise in the comments on that thing the other day; that’s what I get for taking a couple of days of bed rest

It really must suck to be a wota sometimes.

So Saturday, YAMIAME, who were just a few months old really, had a one-man. Their first! And they disbanded at the end of the show!

Wow, you think. That’s … what. Exactly! It’s not unheard of, though (DiSPANiC did something similar last year), so while jaws could possibly require from-the-floor-picking-up, I imagine that the response was mostly remarks between friends and text messages and stuff.

It was what followed that’s the really big swerve.

Yep! Kotomo and Imoko have been spun off to another unit. A temporary unit called Imonikomi is stepping in. Four additional members are joining the two ex-Yamiamers. And on Sept. 30, when they have their big/ish show, “something will happen!” promises the ad.

Here’s a playlist that they very conveniently had at the ready!


Idol group breaks up on stage. Immediately thereafter announces that two members are continuing on as a different project (with additional people). It’s all temporary. Their big thing is ~ a month away.

In other words, YAMIAME is effectively going to break up twice in the span of six weeks.