Thanks for Being Anti-Monday, Marionet

I’m not one of those people who’s like “oh man, I got this case of the Mondays!” Monday’s fine, if kind of annoying because yeah, it does in fact mean that it’s back to work on the things that are less interesting than the free time things, but come on, it’s just Monday, how many of them do you have in life? It’s a lot! So pluck up. Plus, everybody knows that Tuesday is the worst.

I do however understand that there can be some trepidation about heading back to work. Bosses may be bad, jobs are often both bad and dumb, commutes are the devil. I can think of a whole lot of things that I’d rather be doing than almost everything that I can for Day Job. For instance, blogging posts about idols! Good thing I’m doing that right now at least!

Marionet, who still have that new car smell and have wonderful novelty (and Fumimi!) going for them, are dropping new tunes with wonderful frequency and left this uplifting new number for us yesterday:

Man, that’s some vocaloid stuff right there

I’m excited for this group every time I see something new and cool and good from them come bounding across the airwaves. The members are fine, and frankly I love the low-key way that the video editing highlights who’s on lead when, but the award-winner is the musical team behind this. I’m at the point in Following Idols where the shine has rubbed off and I see the product differently, so “it’s idols whee!” doesn’t have the same cache anymore — I’m as interested in the compositions and influences and total creative package as anything (blame Yanamyu, I guess) — and stuff like this is case in point when it comes to music that’s really working for the attention.

Plus, in the entire history of rock music, that may be the only time that “distortion” as a lyric was turned into a schoolyard bop. What a swerve!