Banamon Again

So, it’s come to this. After promising three consecutive music videos in the leadup to the release of their new single, the conclusion of the Nani-mono trilogy finally came out today. What kind of note will it end on? A somber one? Something shocking? Or epic? Well…

I can’t tell if this one is tame by Banamon standards or not. I see references to bathwatergate, Asuka’s nude vid and Ladybaby, but its hard to tell if the Japanese walls of text contain something meaningful or not. Sometimes its lyrics but other times, it isn’t? Anyone who can read Japanese want to help us out here?

Whatever. From a gaijin standpoint, it’s tamer than the other vids.

The way Banamanagement are staring at me though… it’s like they are burning a hole deep into my soul.

I think… they’re trying to tell me something…