Approximating Levels of Hype Regarding the New PassCode Album

What year is it? 2019? Holy heck. It feels like half of forever since I’ve been talking about big steps forward for PassCode, going back probably all the way to the beginning of the site but realistically zeroing in on their first major-label releases, when the world seemed to be their oyster and they were very happy to tease Western appearances.

They keep doing it, too, but the last couple of years have actually been kind of rough on the group, Yuna’s illness being the most obvious difficulty but there no doubt being other complications that have kept them on a relative holding pattern. There’s been a hollow element to all of that promise of late, and one could be forgiven for thinking that maybe this time is when PassCode finally packs it in. What a shame that would be! They’re arguably as good as they’ve ever been, they should be trying to maximize that potential!

Well heck, now that we know more about the new album, this is it:

Hype level? Hype.

I do have to say that, like, this is a very new aesthetic for them, and it makes me wonder if the group (everybody’s solidly ensconced in their 20s now, right?) isn’t being taken in a more mature direction now. I have no idea how that’ll impact their sound — pray that it doesn’t take any edge off, you know? — but I’m eager to hear and see it. PassCode proper has been together for a long time and mining the same themes for the better part of, what, four years? The variance on their first album has been all but discarded, and that’s fine if you don’t need variance, but musical acts do to some extent, or they get stale. If PassCode can sufficiently mix things up while keeping that root sound intact, and the new takes are as delicious as the old, we’re going to be in for a hell of a treat.

And then they can come on their 10-city North American tour with a special appearance in Tegucigalpa!