Talkin’ About “Our Generation” With The Grateful a MogAAAz…

GOLLIPOP RECORDS new group, The Grateful a MogAAAz are here to rumble as the new bad kids at Idol High, ready to take on everybody else’s gang and steal their bikes!

They’ve released a first MV, which is also our first look and listen at what the group is going for sound and vision-wise, and that’s the best place to get started. A lot of you Melon fans have probably already checked it out as quickly as I did, but ultimately I have only my own first impression to go by, which was a resounding…

…”It’s definitely Okay”. Yeah, well, one thing I can say with conviction is that this MV/Song is certainly not bad, and hey, that’s a better place to start than terrible. (Actually, I love the quiet bass rumble to a scream from 2:45 to 3:00) I’m gonna keep in mind here that this is only just the beginning, and there’s a whole lot of time for the growth and evolution that defines what idol groups are inherently about. In the months to come, this group should have a much more solid sense of purpose (And a few line-up changes because, idol.) and we’ll really see what the GOLLIPOP is cooking.

The most curious thing for me is how does this group relate to Melon Batake a go go? Are they a sister group? Rivals? The possible future Melons in training squad? (Plus, how about the recycled Melon outfits in the MV? Did the idols from outer space inspire a cult that these girls joined?) The song sounds like something Melon could have recorded, which is fine, but I don’t know if we need two psychobilly garage idol groups. Actually, it’s got a little bit of the same issue here that I’ve got with their elder group: You’ve got music rooted in one of the wildest, most raucous scenes in Japan, but it’s been a little too distilled in idol sensibilities, when what we really want is for the whole act to go full-on nuts and shake the rafters and bring the cops calling. Man, just unleash the beasts and let these girls destroy the place while screaming and yelling, we can handle it!

But I promise I’m not just typing off ramblings of ambivalence here. I’m a positive vibes kind of music fan, and I think there’s sparks in the kindling that just need a little bit more open air to really catch fire here. I’m keeping my eyes on this cast and by golly* I’ll be grateful when I see them hit their potential in time.

*Kerrie absolutely demanded a “Golly/GOLLIPOP” pun within this article. I had to oblige!  



3 thoughts on “Talkin’ About “Our Generation” With The Grateful a MogAAAz…

  1. I’m digging it. I love the rockabilly surf-punk of MelonBat, but his song seems more to be channeling the 60s bad-girl groups like the Shangri-Las. Whether this is a musical direction or a one-off, I’m really curious to see what comes next.

    • Ahh, good to know, thanks! I follow a couple of members of that 平成墓嵐 group, but I only know the group very casually…


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