Electric Hearts have Bags of Attitude!

Will you just look at this!  Proper 70s style girl punk idols – with paper bags on their heads?!

That’s Electric Heart by ELECTRIC HEARTS (Website|Twitter).  Sure, we’ve had punk idols before but this is the first time I’ve heard anything as authentic sounding as this, like early Slits transported to present day Osaka and then…put in brown paper bags.  Hmmm.  Time will tell if this natty attire is for a WACK style slow reveal or is a long term Dots-style disguise.  Or even a gimmick they quickly get sick of à la Malcom Mask McLaren.  As long as they keep sounding like forty year old recordings of BURST GIRL’s mums in a garage, I don’t care.

And check out the weekender tomorrow for their excellent labelmates, scribble scritch, for whom time criminally did not allow an article of their own.