Your Homicidols Best of 2020 Ballot #3

Final ballot! Yes I’ve been peaking at the voting so far, and yes some of the results are exactly what you’d expect, but also yes there are a few surprises shaping up (maybe). I’m really looking forward to the final results. The community vote is what makes the official Homicidols Dot Com Whatever of the Year, naturally, and those recognitions are among the most prestigious in music blogging*; additionally, it gives us on Team a chance to tell you all about how wrong you were to vote like suckers our own picks and really dig deep into some of the less-appreciated corners of loudol, at least as far as filthy gaijin are concerned.

Today’s also the last day to vote on the first ballot, and the second for the second. Do those first if you haven’t already, and then: Continue reading

Your Homicidols Best of 2020 Ballot #2

All right, folks, though the first ballot is still open through tomorrow, it’s time to get the second part out the door (third and final launches tomorrow). This is a completely different set of categories, so vote like it’s completely fresh. It’s all good stuff, so you’ll no doubt struggle immensely and get mad at us! Love it.

Your nominees are: Continue reading

Your Homicidols Best of 2020 Ballot #1

Well, folks, we did it — in Kerrie’s very capable (and efficient!) hands, we have our community nominations and so we have a Best Of 2020 ballot.

We’ll do this the same as in past years and stagger the actual picks out a bit over the next few days, so one set today, one tomorrow, and one Wednesday, each open for three full days. We’ll compile winners over the weekend and make the big announcement as soon as the art’s ready soon. Without further ado, your final nominees: Continue reading

If You’re Following That BiS League Thing, Now’s Apparently the Time to Vote

A few years ago, if you’d told me that I’d ever be in a position to neither understand nor have strong feelings about a thing that BiS was doing, I’d raise an eyebrow poorly because that’s not a skill that I possess, and then I’d laugh at the notion because BiS died in 2014, friend, and you’d remind me that actually Pour Lui raised a new version in 2016 and I’d be like, oh right, and now she’s in BILLIE IDLE and the thing she made has become some weird 48g product with warring teams or something, I almost forgot about that!

Anyway, BiS League is that warring teams thing, and whichever members get the most love from fans will be in BiS 1st, and the rest cast into the detritus pile that will be BiS 2nd. Like I said, I don’t totally get it, but that’s fine; the same statement could be made about half of the things in idol. If you’re interested in participating in the straw poll, you can here now:

Definitely never thought I’d see BiS land here. The most recent single was pretty solid, though.

Team Zeela all the way.

This Means War

So a funny little thing happened today after I posted about Hanako-san:


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