This Means War

So a funny little thing happened today after I posted about Hanako-san:


What has Togesha wrought? Opinions among the fans are divided:

neko-tweet-1 terry-tweet
neko-tweet-2 patrick-tweet

Clearly, this can only be decided by the most democratic process of all: DEMOCRACY!

They couldn’t be more different! Yes, they’re both supernatural beings, but one literally throws toilet paraphernalia during shows while the other has backup dancers. One released her album on a label called “MURDER VCR” while the other has enjoyed major label support. One plays crummy-ass butt stages in dives while one shows up for major festivals.

Both enjoy physically abusing their fans, though, so I guess they do have that in common.

However! Use criteria you deem most appropriate to decide. And you must choose one or the other. THERE IS NO VIABLE THIRD OPTION!

5 thoughts on “This Means War

  1. The Twisted Princess sounds like American McGee’s Alice
    The Little Curse sounds like a nightmare from Hieronymus Bosch

    If i have to choose… i will go with the person i never would give here a knife. So the winner is Hanako!


  2. This brought up something interesting in one of the Facebook groups I am in. A member brought up the thought of a collaboration between them. Of course people are like “yeah, that would be awesome” and things along that line.

    I replied this way: “This cannot be allowed to happen, they are completely different places and it would compromise who they are in essence. Hanako-san is seemingly unhinged, barely in control of herself sometimes it seems. Pikarin is in total control at all times, she is the master of the situation. Pikarin has risen to a level seldom seen in the world of underground and alt idol circles. Hanako-san is entertaining but needs to stay in the dirty underbelly of idol to keep her performance the way it should be.”

    Do you all agree with my line of thought?

    • I can support this.

      Back during Corenament qualifiers, when they were competing in the Solo Idol category and I was looking for the best song of each competitor, they both were beaten by Psybou Kanojo, but there was a great comment about Hanako-san that I think sums her up really well: Somebody wrote, “She has songs?”

      Now, Hanako-san has put out both a single and an album since then, but that sums her up pretty well. She’s the band from the local scene that keeps it real even while others break out by adding X or Y popular element to their sound, the rapper with great flow who refuses to work with a better producer because their lifelong friend has been writing the beats since they were kids. I called Parallel Japan the Mudhoney of idolcore; I’ll call Hanako-san the Anal Cunt (that’s two references to them on the site!) of the underground.

      For Pikarin, she’s managed to make a surprisingly successful career out of being an outrageous personality who still makes accessible music. She’s attractive and boasting an alluringly ambiguous sexuality; she’s talented and willing to take risks. But she was able to build a very “normal” idol career while being anything but, sort of with a combination of all of those factors and more working for her, and she did it by aiming for success (and probably having great management along the way). It’s not an apples-to-apples comparison, but Pikarin’s Lady Gaga in this case, or maybe Sia.

      It’d basically be oil and water at this point. I’m not even sure if they’d like each other.

      • I am so glad somebody around this madhouse has a level head. I thought I was the one going nuts.

        As an aside, we can’t forget that Pikarin was already wildly popular as a model for Popteen and spokesperson for Tokyo Girl’s Update. She pretty much had a built in following, I suspect this is why there are so many girls at her shows.

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