Hanako-san Is Amazing

I’m basically just ganking stuff off of Pure Idol Heart left and right anymore, and credit again goes there. Here’s Hanako-san, an absolute terror of a human being, doing her thing like only she can:

New people, welcome to the idol metal underground; out and visible are highly technical genre-mashing Babymetal or thrashy elegant Fruitpochette or creatively blackened NECRONOMIDOL, among others, but nobody can match Hanako-san’s raw fury. She’s dirty, profane, violent. Like idol’s GG Allin, minus the poop. Which, considering that she’s the ghost of a girl who died in a school restroom, is kind of ironic.

I badly want Hanako-san’s new album. Yes, to review it, but also because I want to be able to say that I own one of the most absurd things imaginable. I can’t think of another idol, ever, doing grindcore.

8 thoughts on “Hanako-san Is Amazing

  1. Well, it was boring until the 3min mark, then the music became more appealing, cuz, I’ve been told, I find any idol music with screaming in, appealing. Anyway, it was also pointed out to me how weak the crowd were having to wear plastic sheets to protect them from her water spray. Weak, especially since she’d throwed them bog roll beforehand they could use to dry themselves. It always seems the solo idols who tend to resort to this more wacky behaviour to gain attention etc.

  2. I didn’t care about her, until I heard the X-Japan Cover, which was freaking amazing. Love her version of Kurenai!

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