Your Homicidols Best of 2020 Ballot #3

Final ballot! Yes I’ve been peaking at the voting so far, and yes some of the results are exactly what you’d expect, but also yes there are a few surprises shaping up (maybe). I’m really looking forward to the final results. The community vote is what makes the official Homicidols Dot Com Whatever of the Year, naturally, and those recognitions are among the most prestigious in music blogging*; additionally, it gives us on Team a chance to tell you all about how wrong you were to vote like suckers our own picks and really dig deep into some of the less-appreciated corners of loudol, at least as far as filthy gaijin are concerned.

Today’s also the last day to vote on the first ballot, and the second for the second. Do those first if you haven’t already, and then:

Vote Before We Rig It!

All closed now! Thanks for voting!

*Actually, they aren’t!