Blasts from the Past to the Past with the New BILLIE IDLE

It’s here! It’s here! Is it Christmas? /checks It’s not Christmas! It’s not even close to Christmas! And yet, here we are, BILLIE IDLE with their new enhancement in the form of Pour Lui herself, re-joining forces with verified goddess First Summer Uika and immortal best idol friend Hirano Nozomi, a supergroup if that were actually possible given that they’ve all been together before … yeah, still breathing.

Anyway! “Time Traveler” from the new BILLIeD IDOL 2.0 double album monstrosity:

Not mad about this at all. It isn’t what I wanted (that was the “heaviest song they’ve ever done” that people were talking about from Lui’s stage debut), but dang it, it’s nice, and so retro as to almost be recursive.* And, obviously, if you’re doing a time-traveler theme, that’s a pretty fitting way to do it. Except that the retro they called upon mostly happened like 20 years before BiS was birthed? Anyway.

This is just to include that epic cover one more time:

It’s funny; after LAST ALBUM and “P.S.R.I.P.”, when the very next BILLIE IDLE announcement was that they were going to release a best-of and covers double album, you still got the nagging feeling that they were headed for oblivion. That’s all stuff that groups do when they’re getting ready to say goodbye! Also, they are quite old! Uipon’s almost 30! Either Momose sister could be any age! Adding Lui probably only raised their average. And yet, now she’s part of the team, and you know that they’re not going to just roll over and die.

I want that heaviest song, though.

*I mean, that final aerial shot, if they actually did hire a helicopter for that, that’d be pretty retro