ReAlice May Have the Most Idol Name in the History of Idol

Say, remember how we looked at DORCA the other day? This is a sort of sister unit. I played their little demo clip about 20 times and kept waiting for a beat to drop, but such is the nature of teasers. Anyway, there’s something there, and they debuted this past weekend, and now it’s Indie Idol Wednesday, and also their official account has blocked me for some reason, and John already did the heavy lifting, so, John:

As I mentioned on the podcast last Saturday, I had a couple of new groups up my sleeve. I can’t remember if this as one of them I was referring to but they were on the ever growing list of new idols. These girls sound interesting even with the small amount of information available, especially […]

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Just Everything Zenkimi

This is a lot of release stuff all at once, because all Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da can do is release records and tour. I’m not complaining! John thankfully picked this up, so I pass it on to you.

For the last couple of weeks the chatter has been all about Tsurezure and when or if they are going to release something soon. Then all out of left field come this news, well at least out of left field for me. Been a bit out of the loop as of late. Anyhow, lets see […]

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Idols Be Lewd!

John’s in the reviews game now, and I think you owe it to yourself to check out this look at … well, the fact that mistress just straight up includes (tastefully covered!) nudity in their artwork tells you pretty much all you need to know about where they’re coming from and where this is going.

As you all know, I am like a huge fan of mistress. So when I got my hands on their demo/single, 「Succubus」, a while ago I felt like the happiest boy in the park. Played it on repeat for a bit then ripped it to my hard drive so I could put my special treasure […]

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Oh Also a GANG PARADE Single

I got the weirdest sense of deja vu when I saw this little bit on the Internets yesterday; didn’t we just talk about this single? And a search turned up nothing! Ergo, it is news, and ergo, it fits neatly into this whole business with BiS, doesn’t it.

Anyway, John can explain it well enough for you.

I was never a big follower of GANG PARADE, at least until I watched the WACK AUDITIONS, which I followed pretty closely. There has always been an on going joke about the group being where idols go to die. Now this is absolutely wrong. The group puts out some pretty good tunes, as all the […]

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The Newest Ladybaby Is Almost There

I didn’t have a good opportunity to get this added yesterday, but Terry (not John!) did, and you all may as well get your material that way. And it’s Thursday Hurtsday, and why not shoehorn in a little death pop for old time’s sake? My only complaint: TIFKAL needs to cool it with the piped-in man-voice, as it sounds increasingly ridiculous. We’re going to get that with Deadlift Lolita; time for Rie and Rei to move on.

Another day another YouTube notification……and look who it is the ladybaby girls! feels like only yesterday we got to enjoy their MV for the B side “Easter Bunny” from their next single. Now they are back with the main dish “Pelo” already! an boiii does this song have some nice guitar licks (pun intended)

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Oh Neat, NEVE SLIDE DOWN’s Still Churning

I could think of no finer verb for describing NEVE SLIDE DOWN and their we’re-obviously-PassCode’s-sister-group-and-also-pretty-heavy-when-we-want sound

This one from John popped up in the ol’ feed yesterday, and I didn’t want to let it get away; I enjoyed their digital releases out of the gate, and Garry wouldn’t stop talking about how great their EP was, so it stands to reason that NSD bears a closer look — one that I’ve been a little lazy on taking because reasons.

Anyway, John with the details, but unfortunately not why their current look is BiSH-meets-Especia:

Details on the first single from NEVE SLIDE DOWN have been released and not to far from release date either. Back on February 25th they announced the single but we have not had much information since then. Now we pretty much know it all. It is named Mellow dawn and will be three tracks in […]

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