Oh Neat, NEVE SLIDE DOWN’s Still Churning

I could think of no finer verb for describing NEVE SLIDE DOWN and their we’re-obviously-PassCode’s-sister-group-and-also-pretty-heavy-when-we-want sound

This one from John popped up in the ol’ feed yesterday, and I didn’t want to let it get away; I enjoyed their digital releases out of the gate, and Garry wouldn’t stop talking about how great their EP was, so it stands to reason that NSD bears a closer look — one that I’ve been a little lazy on taking because reasons.

Anyway, John with the details, but unfortunately not why their current look is BiSH-meets-Especia:

Details on the first single from NEVE SLIDE DOWN have been released and not to far from release date either. Back on February 25th they announced the single but we have not had much information since then. Now we pretty much know it all. It is named Mellow dawn and will be three tracks in […]

via Details on NEVE SLIDE DOWN Single — Straight From Japan

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