The Beard Is Back

Well, team, suffice it to say that I didn’t see this one coming: Ladybeard, who after his unceremonious departure from Ladybaby prior to its becoming The Idol Formerly Known As seemed to be adrift other than the occasional collision with idol notables, is not only making an idol comeback, he’s coming back with easily the most accidentally perfect idol concept yet:

Oh my word.

Now, I’ve had a few things to say about idol and puro being natural allies in the past, as has Garry, and we’ve seen a few instances of idols getting into the ring (and vice versa), and even an idol-aligned rock unit with wrestling at its core, but I’ll go ahead and agree with the Beard that this is easily the physically strongest idol group in history.

Yeah, it’s so high concept as to be ridiculous, and I’m dying to see if the music is even any good or if the gimmick sells, but remember: Novelty value can go a long way, and there’ll probably always be opportunities to gig at wrestling events (both parts of the show, in fact). This could actually work out.

There’s a live scheduled with … you guessed it:

The first release is coming on the 31st. There’s a preview on the website (thanks, Terry) Hold on to your butts.

6 thoughts on “The Beard Is Back

  1. Watch this all be just Ladybeard training Reika Karate Kid-style so she can finally take over Ladybeard’s former role in Ladybaby as “the buff member”. /ConspiracyGoggles

  2. Really cool, I’ve liked this girl since I first saw her on some Pikarin show, she’s pretty funny.

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