Oh Also a GANG PARADE Single

I got the weirdest sense of deja vu when I saw this little bit on the Internets yesterday; didn’t we just talk about this single? And a search turned up nothing! Ergo, it is news, and ergo, it fits neatly into this whole business with BiS, doesn’t it.

Anyway, John can explain it well enough for you.

I was never a big follower of GANG PARADE, at least until I watched the WACK AUDITIONS, which I followed pretty closely. There has always been an on going joke about the group being where idols go to die. Now this is absolutely wrong. The group puts out some pretty good tunes, as all the […]

via GANG PARADE – New Single Release Announced And More — Straight From Japan

3 thoughts on “Oh Also a GANG PARADE Single

  1. I hope the 2017 version of HLKKL is as good as the 2015 version, and not the dreadful 2016 version 😛

  2. All I wanna know is why haven’t they done a studio re-recording 2017 version of “pretty pretty good” yet when they have Maika killing that song every single freakin time!!

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