BiS Gave Us New Video for a Not-new Song but Also Unveiled Their New Look

I actually almost popped when the announcement hit Twitter — NEW BIS MV OMG! — and was just the tiniest bit let down that the video wasn’t for the upcoming single release, but was actually for “Romeo’s Heart” off of the last album (which was good on the whole!). It’s still an indie release, so it’s published by Tsubasa and is, of course, region-blocked until some generous soul posts it to another service helpfully re-upped by a friend!

BiS-新生アイドル研究会 /「ロミオの心臓」[OFFiCiAL ViDEO… by idolvizion

I think “nice” is the exact word for it. Less nice, on the other hand:

The “Romeo’s Heart” MV is the last we’ll be seeing of the BiS Reboot lineup for a while: Beginning a month from today, on May 30, BiS will be what you see above — gone is Aya Eight Prince, who was traded for BiS veteran (and GANG PARADE leader) Kamiya Saki, and added are the two new members who took a lot of Photoshopping to look less ridiculous. For what it’s worth, Aya’s Twitter is now a _GANG account, but Saki has been a little slower on the uptake.

I have a single request out of this BiS: You look the part again, so please unleash pure sonic fury upon us again.

Oh and in other news Pour Lui dissolved her band. She’s all-in on BiS. I think this next release is going to say whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

10 thoughts on “BiS Gave Us New Video for a Not-new Song but Also Unveiled Their New Look

  1. Lui, i adore you but stop fuck all the fabulous legacy of old BiS, please.

    I felt embarrased watching the video. What the fuck is that?

    • Did you never watch the videos for “Hide out cut”, “Hi”, “nerve”, “BiS”, “ODD FUTURE” or “FiNAL DANCE”? I think you’re overreacting – it’s a very well-made video (apart from a few saturation / overexposure problems) which brings attention to the lyricism, the strongest part of the new album.
      Plus this video doesn’t affect anything they’ve done in the past, so calling their “legacy” into question is silly.

  2. The video’s fine, the only bad thing about it is that I didn’t feel the fervor that I wish I felt when a new BiS MV drops. The group photo, on the other hand, is intriguing. I’m still miffed that they messed with Gang Parade right after they really took off. Gang Parade is the most exciting WACK group right now. (Before Saki got transferred, at least…) at least Aya’s cool. I love the idea of cross-collaboration within the company; imagine if Aina popped in for a verse on a BiS song? But a seasonal trade is a fairly dumb idea. Unless you want to use one group’s talent and fan base to buoy another group, which is probably exactly what they’re doing.

    Weird that Tsubasa’s videos aren’t available in the US (they are in Canada). I’d expect the situation to be even worse once they get on Avex, the way things are going.

    Picture the other members of Lui Frontic Akabane Japan waiting in their practice space like, “she’s not gonna show up, is she?”

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