The Newest Ladybaby Is Almost There

I didn’t have a good opportunity to get this added yesterday, but Terry (not John!) did, and you all may as well get your material that way. And it’s Thursday Hurtsday, and why not shoehorn in a little death pop for old time’s sake? My only complaint: TIFKAL needs to cool it with the piped-in man-voice, as it sounds increasingly ridiculous. We’re going to get that with Deadlift Lolita; time for Rie and Rei to move on.

Another day another YouTube notification……and look who it is the ladybaby girls! feels like only yesterday we got to enjoy their MV for the B side “Easter Bunny” from their next single. Now they are back with the main dish “Pelo” already! an boiii does this song have some nice guitar licks (pun intended)

via The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY – Pelo MV — Straight From Japan

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  1. The article was written by none other my myself just for the record, incase no one noticed johns sudden lack of decent grammar and use of improper english

    • Yeah, he corrected me, so I corrected the thing. I’d only looked at the thing in the WordPress Reader before hitting the share button, and it just had STRAIGHT FROM JAPAN where the byline would be. PLEASE FORGIVE ME, SENPAI!

      • All is forgiven Just don’t want Poor john gettin credited with my poor writing skills! Personality I have, command of the English lanaguage…..not so much LOL

  2. The video doesn’t load in this post. It’s all black for me.

    I’m a bit disappointed of this new song and also I partly like it. Musically the song is really really good, I like the structure, the variation and the intensity of it. One of the best written song for …Ladybaby musically. I was already hooked when the song started. But then as the man singing came in I just wanted to kill who decided to put that in. It’s truly annoying. It ruins the song. So sad as its a good song. Would been a killer if all parts would been by the girls. I wish they could already drop the male parts from..Ladybaby. It’s kinda pointless also as they don’t have anyone singing them live anymore. I can only hope they ahead have guts enough to drop the old concept having a male singer and let the girls take over. I wish they could have more faith in Rei and Rie…both have talent, personality and together they make a up a very unique duo. They could carry this group on by themselves. I have no doubt about it. How Ladybaby started it’s already the past as Ladybeard is no longer with them.

    The song how its structured triggered me to listen to some Mr Bungle and some Mike Patton projects today 🙂

  3. It’s GJ! fell down the stairs and landed on the bloke from Clawfinger.

    I quite like it, actually.

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