Your Homicidols Weekender #91

Good morning! This week’s Weekender is coming to you late and kind of short because that’s what air travel allows sometimes, amigos. On the bright side, this incredibly long — and meaningful, and impactful, and educational, and emotionally investing — trip is finally wrapping up. In a few hours’ time, I get to get back to something approaching normalcy. Woof.

So let’s all have ourselves a nice idolly time. Play the Fun, join me in roundly applauding the great help that Team Homicidols provided in holding things down over the past week and change, and look ahead to what I hope is a really well and truly great week ahead.

Oh Yeah, That Is Short

DAIDAIDAI on the cover!

I’m getting a not great feeling about the prospects of Hakuchumu:

So BiSH is doing this video thing:

I had another thing in this space for XTEEN, saying that I was bearish but enjoying it, only for the best member of the group to now be suddenly graduating. Bearish indeed!

I hate to say it because I usually really like what they do, but the Idols Formerly Known as Alloy But Now Known as WILL-O’ do not sound great here:

At this point, are people really all that excited about the Babymetal graphic novel? I own multiple copies of their every appearance in the Hammer and was just singing their musical praises two days ago, and I’m not even going to pretend to be interested in this cash grab:

Arisa leaving cana÷biss:

I have absolutely no idea what’s happening in this There There Theres spot:

Similarly Desu.Rabbits:

Somebody please tell me why this delightful tune was in my Soundcloud feed:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Toricago! Besides the fact that they’re my favorite new thing, why is that the case? Because this is unexpected:

And so is their upcoming first one-man:

Did you know that Hissatsu Emomomomo or whatever was still a thing? They are, and they finally released full versions of their MVs; to whit:

At last, a date for the arrival of new ANotheЯ member/s:

My personal need for this 969 album is almost unbearable:

You only have to wait until December for the first official There There Theres album:

Another new one from CY8ER:

Seeing this tweet about Yuna’s modeling gig made me think that PassCode was heading to Mexico:

This is somehow the worst thing that uijin has ever done:

Have a great weekend!

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