Let’s Break Open Sunday With Some Blackened Alt-Idol

Good morning! It’s Sunday. It should be a day for laziness, not just because it’s the last day before the start of the 9-5 work week, but because the entire Abrahamic tradition flat-out says that there’s a day when you’re supposed to do absolutely nothing. I support that notion, but will not be doing nothing, because doing nothing is butt. Something is always better than nothing!

However, if you do opt for the more godly way, I encourage you to break into the mood with this clip of Oyasumi Hologram and VMO playing together. It’s not the raw spectacle of the last time I shared that happening, but it’s still pretty impressive.

“Neuromancer” is the kind of song that only people who hate themselves don’t like, anyway, and then you toss in the added black metal atmospherics and VMOers playing with the crowd like some kind of extra-demented Joker? Come on.

Oh by the way, OYSM’s got an album coming out imminently. I don’t know if it was recorded live, but it kind of sounds like it, and also that it’s all acoustic. I reckon that serious fans are excited!

One thought on “Let’s Break Open Sunday With Some Blackened Alt-Idol

  1. The upcoming live album was recorded at Shimokitazawa Laguna, and you’d better believe it was on April 13th
    I’d have preferred a live album with a band… any band… but this’ll be good, too!

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