Success is in the stars for ORiYON and their first original song

After teasing it with member photos released over the past week, extraordinary French WACK cover group ORiYON just released their first original song and MV. And boy oh boy are they not messing around.

This song’s lyrics were written by MOMOCLODO and the costumes were realized by YOUSHARLOT and  the members as a whole (not entirely handmade, as some parts were also purchased). The sound production & camera work is by Al Mcbeer, who previously provided camera work for some of their covers.

ORiYON is leagues ahead of even some Japanese idol groups while completely self-producing their content and I’m extremely happy to see them branching into original music as well because they are a collection of talent we rarely get to witness and I want them to shine as bright as they can. Everything in this production is impeccable, and I am tremendously excited for future original releases.

In the meantime, in order to fulfill any remaining ORiYON craving you might have, I recommend you check out their WACK covers over on their YouTube channel

Note: Following a tweet from ORiYON, this story has been edited to reflect that the costumes are not entirely handmade