Rilisreverse’s Digital Debut is Coming

The child group of Hamidasystem and sister group to Popoloconnect will finally be delivering their brand new songs from their lips to your ears! Their debut digital EP: JUVENILE arrives on the 24th. Get excited!

If you haven’t been keeping up with things, Rilisreverse were born from the ashes of second generation Hamidasystem – She and Me are now Shiika and Mikoto plus they have Moegi (Ayu from LAST IN MY CULT) and Asagi (Asagi from Asagi) joining them too. Unlike Crossnoesis, Rilisreverse got to keep old songs and have been performing favourites like “down” and “Sonzai Shinai Zonzai na Ai”.

However this release, coming August 24th, is entirely new songs! “But what do these songs sound like?” you ask. Well, find out for yourself! Their debut performance is archived on YouTube. 3 Rilisreverse originals and 3 songs liberated from the tomb of Hamidasystem, which is a fitting metaphor considering they recently named their fans “Liberators”.

If you’re curious about why one of the EP songs is absent, it’s because it’s brand-new! You could say it’s double new even. Aren’t we lucky?

Since their debut, Rilisreverse have been fairly busy! They’ve performed frequently for a group debuting during Corona and their most recent show was Mikoto and Asagi’s joint birthday live! Not bad considering the situation in the world, especially Tokyo, right now. They have some goods for sale too but alas, you’ll have to use a proxy buying service because the site doesn’t seem to accept foreign cards. Going through the effort is absolutely worth it for those gorgeous artist shots at around $15USD for a set of 8. You should buy two in fact! Moegi needs the money to keep dying her bangs green.

Rilisreverse as a group bring emotions to the forefront of the stage – much like Hamidasystem but not all of those emotions are negative. Juvenile’s chorus is a proclamation of “I wanna dance until i’m destroyed!” and Reset Load’s chorus is a shout of “We’ll RESET to pure white” with “We’ll RELOAD to pitch black” – if there’s melancholy it’s the kind that makes you want to get up and fight instead of lie down and cry. It might sound angsty, but this is why their fans love them. You’ve got beautiful women and super producer sayshine’s post-rock with electronica fusion, what’s not to love?

Once again, Juvenile rilises (sorry) on August 24th and will have a YouTube livestream where they’ll perform “Ambivalence” for the first time on the 25th. Don’t miss it! Typically the group will sell cheki from their online store after performances, so get your proxy buyers ready and clear your calendar.

Track List
1. Juvenile
2. Natsu Iro (Summer Colour)
3. Ambivalence
4. Reset Load