This Week’s Entry in the “Only in 2020” Sweepstakes Is from BURST GIRL

Did I make that up? I made that up. The year that is 2020 is a lot of things, and one of them definitely is a month-to-month competition to see how much worse the world can get (current trend: holding!), but what I refer to here is simply a narrative device, not an actual contest, unless your take on idol this year as well can be viewed through the same kind of lens. The real bloodbath of graduations was last year, of course, though we’ve had our share. ANYWAY, the point is, title only, not actual thing.

With which I now segue to this weekend’s entry from BURST GIRL from their “story” record, which is … look, I took a few months off, came back, and nothing made sense anymore. I’m not sure of the chronology because at least some of it pre-dates my de-cocooning myself, but if I were only to have heard the “Against the drain” track, I’d be like, oh how neat and cool that BURST GIRL has graduated to melodic easycore or, I dare say, lifting verse material straight from NOFX. HOWEVER, whether it’s because BOSS idol-retired or because Waka’s back and has clothing to sell or even just because it’s 2020, the punk rockin’est of all punk rockin’ idol units has taken on a different character for this release. And Saturday morning has us all seeing this for the first time:

Before anybody misunderstands, let’s get the necessary out of the way: This is not what anybody asked for, but it’s definitely what everybody should want. You just can’t go wrong with certain flavors of throwback electronica, nor can you go wrong with 80s-inspired MVs, and you definitely can’t go wrong with Yura absolutely in every way looking like she’s somebody’s cool mom. It’s good and fun and good. It’s just not what people expect, which frankly is just fine and actually pretty punk. Would I have ever thought I’d be seeing this from the same general group of people that gave us the “GREAT FUCKING MY WORLD” moment It definitely made me spend more minutes than I intended to looking up recent BURST GIRL goings-on. A win for everybody!

They’re doing the three-months-of-commemorative-record-release thing with, of course, no-attendance lives:

And there’s that one-man coming up at the end of next month, which fingers crossed they’ll actually get to do in front of some semblance of a live audience. Maybe in the meantime we’ll get the MV for the third track on the single and then this will have all come full circle and finally make some damn sense!

2020 everybody!