Stuff Like This Is Why Q’ulle Is So Cool

These videos were making the rounds yesterday after the former Danceroids released them and people all kind of collectively went OOOOOOHHHHHHH; I was too busy being a dumb jerk at work to share then, but I’m ready now!

So if you’ve picked up Q’ulle’s newest single, “DRY AI”, which you should have done because Q’ulle’s worth your time and money, you know “PARTY ROCK!!!!” already; if you have not, this song may be a new one for you:

Cool, right? I defy anybody to deny how fun that is. I want it to be a top 40 single in the United States, let alone Japan.

Not to be left behind the VR video wars, either, Q’ulle released a short version of the same song, only filmed up close and personal in a live venue:

They’re so fun.