100 Days of Tsurezure, Days 80-81: Slacktastic

I missed another 100 Days, and this time just because of regular work, not crappy external things. Oh well. We actually missed something cool (or you probably saw it anyway, whatevs):

New outfits! That look … different! Like Maison-Book-Girl-meets-BiSH different!


I’m trying to think of a quartet of Codomomental performers that wouldn’t be dangerously weird. Megumi, Mene, Tsuyame and one of the guys from Gauche? I really have no idea.

Another all-company show in two weeks!

All right. Members? Members.

Shidare remains dedicated to getting people out to Saturday’s big gig …

… and will kawaiill you with kawaii if necessary:

Tsuyame still may not have changed her top since Tuesday (it happens), so rather than ponder if maybe she just has like 20 black blouses, here’s more of her cat:

Komachi’s on an incredible run:

Also, this person references Quiet Riot in their handle, which wow

Cococo’s been quiet, but these are nice:

Also, this caterpillar thing …