And Here’s the Q’ulle ‘DRY AI’ MV

Speaking of hype:


That’s at least as good as I expected it to be; Q’ulle’s always had this kind of unique ability to do idol rock (as opposed to idorock!) songs that come off as completely earnest and heartfelt without also being cheesy as hell*, and “DRY AI” here is no exception — while I may not quite be buying Yakko in that new stage outfit, I can buy her walking into the surf in an emotional haze, you know?

Definitely adding this to the contenders list for Best Single, definitely going to make the purchase (THROUGH A GUY I KNOW!) and definitely going to update the framed poster of Maamu that I keep in my office follow this up with some good ol’ Bon Jovi quit while I’m ahead.

And if you happen to be new and this is your first shot of Q’ulle, then good for you, because it’s a great entry point into their music. It’s pretty quintessential, if you know what I mean. Take a little dive through their personal Best Of list, and you’ll see what I mean.

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