I Think I Want Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen’s New Album

I feel like I didn’t even know that YKG was coming out with an album soon, but it had been a good long while since their last album (though not that long since we last looked in on them) — maybe if Phillter, the world’s greatest Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen fan, weren’t so busy being all living and working in Japan and stuff, I’d have known about this earlier!

Anyway, NOTE4 dropped the other day (fittingly, their fourth album, following NOTE3, their, uh, third), and here’s the trailer:


Some idol groups do their work in pretty well-defined territory, either finding comfort in safe genre spaces (well, “safe”) or putting 2 and 2 together in a straightforward, signature kind of way. YKG’s in that category that kind of ignores all of that though. “Are they rock idols?” you might ask. “Yes,” I will answer. “Do they do normal idol stuff?” “Also yes.” And so on. This has been discussed before.

That being said, if you remember this interview with them, despite being from a place as almost in the Japanese sticks as FRUITPOCHETTE, YKG’s pretty legit, having carved out some really nice longevity in an industry that snickers at the notion, and they kind of dominate in their local scene. Like, they’re on FUJIYAMA PROJECT; that ain’t nothing. So good on them, and congrats on the new album that’s going to be really difficult for me to acquire, I bet.