Stealthy Stealthy, Kakuriyo

Gee thanks, Kaqriyo Terror Architect, for revealing in the dead of night, right when I was wrapping up my review of the album that you just released internationally on multiple streaming and download platforms, that (probably) the MV to promote the same was going to be released in the morning. Glad I put in the work!

I finally feel like I get the concept that Kakuriyo as going for in that whole Cultural Mixing thing; how awkward!

I don’t have a ton to say about this because I want to save it for the thing that I already put a butt-ton of time into writing, but: Hey, that’s pretty good, and guess what, it’s not even close to the best thing on the album. You should go listen to it!

Unofficially, partly because I’m too lazy to look and also because I don’t even know how you verify objectively, KTA is having one of the all-time great chika launches, having already reached six digits on their second MV and cruising along in the 60 thousands on the first. The benefits of being built up from a production company as opposed to an idol agency that’s hell-bent on doing things in any one particular way. This video’s probably going to crank out the numbers, too, especially when people check in to glare disapprovingly at the questionable-at-best wardrobe and set choices!

One thought on “Stealthy Stealthy, Kakuriyo

  1. Lord, it’s beautiful! The otherworldly witch doctor visuals really strike my personal taste, and the primitive beat in verses adds nicely to that atmosphere. Desperate chorus completes a strong Codomomental number. These guys are turning out to be one of the best things ever and I think I’m not alone in thinking this.

    Also keenly waiting for your album review. Being myself a lover of plastic, I’m going to stoically wait a week or two for my precious copy to arrive.

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