Let’s Do This, sugartrap

For shame to all of you clowns (that’s right, clowns!) who didn’t support sugartrap in the Corenament. I’ve been digging them pretty much since the first time I heard them — not as hard-edged as others, nor trying so hard to be hard-edged while still easily being quite noisy and earnest. Who doesn’t like that?

Anyway, maybe this can help to wake you up to them:

This is important, in the relative sense that anything idol-related can ever be said to be truly important, given that idol is illusions and fantasies piled atop one another until there’s enough fabrication to resemble an alternated tweak on reality, because sugartrap, bless them, are getting around to releasing their second album:

Plus a one-man, with a band, and may the entire thing sell like proverbial hotcakes on any day other than National Pancake Day.