The Homicidols Corenament Round 1 Part 2

And we’re back! We darn near avoided the predictable dipstick vote bot nonsense, but I was fortunately prepared and had an artificial cut line in place. The results that you can see from the first two regional matches are pretty close to what I decided to count; if you have any questions, feel free to ask, and I’ll tell you all about it.

The next two regions are up, and we’ll run through these today and tomorrow before doing the Round of 32 over the weekend. I … I’ll be up front and say that I have the very first wrinkle ready to go (if the Bracket Bosses support it), and I may be arming them with some additional tools in their own personal quests for victory. We can keep it really fun and completely unpredictable!

The rule for this one stays the same:

You have two hours left in Tokyo and you want to see both idols in each match, but they’re playing on different sides of town; who do you go see?

The Rains of Contrerasmere Region

Rain’s region, which I will remind you he selected himself, could not be more random. That kind of makes it exciting! Can you imagine if Desu.Rabbits (traditional Corenament well-doers, good gaijin fan support) took down EMPiRE? Or if the twee-off between Dots and Avandoned created an actual quirk singularity that swallowed the entire community in an instant? Fantastic work.

Prediction: Every other region is surprisingly simple to handicap. Not this one! Let’s take a wild guess and have CY8ER (real fan favorite!) taking on Ladybaby (so hot right now!) in the final, and may the gods help us all.

Viz in A Minor Region

Our man Viz Major selected the closest to a region that I would have. Yes, at the top, because Yanakoto Sotto Mute is the best thing, but also all over the bracket (uijin! JyuJyu! Minna no Kodomo-chan! DAIDAIDAI!). You could probably call this the most niche-fan-friendly bunch of idols in the competition. Of course it’ll wind up being completel chalk in that case.

Prediction: Chalk. YSM and BiSH in the final, and two of the three major bodies of international wota will completely show their asses in how that matchup gets decided.

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  1. Cockity blockity BING BAM BOOM!
    Gotta get rid of some of these heavy weights who will destroy in the later rounds. 😀

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