Somebody Just Set up an Electronic Transfer from My Bank Account to Codomomental’s Already

This was absolutely, positively, catastrophically the most exciting thing to happen during my very unfortunate lull in website purgatory:

That’s right. Another group. And, like a Kinder Surprise egg, surprises lie inside!

Also like a Kinder Surprise egg, seriously be careful when you bite because that ish can kill a person

“Gee whiz, that one girl in the photo looks kind of familiar, I wonder if–”

Yep, it’s Nayuta, formerly of Avandoned and then more recently formerly (I guess?) of, who I just a couple of weeks ago brought back into my own consciousness by inserting her into the Weekender because I kind of miss her bizarre inhumanity. Hot damn. I wonder what name she’s going by now.

But for what it’s worth, though I also very lightly kinda sorta recognize the other girl, I do not know her and she could sneakily pack the power of Su-metal with the soul of a M/Aina, but Nayuta, she is tailor-made for your alt-pop and alt-rock sounds (as made evident in Avandoned!), so I have to think that this is going to be one hell of an interesting duo.

Also, I’m kind of marking out that an idol who I not only always liked, but actually for-realsies got to meet, fangirled enough on other stuff that I really like to want to audition for a role in the company, and then got it. Life really does have its moments.

But yeah, I used to consider myself something of a WACK loyalist when it comes to stables, and I’m not exactly turning my coat, but Codomomental has always been dear to me and I feel like I should double down on celebrating them and maybe make good on that one funny joke we played where it was kind of implied that me and Boss-san were going to work together.

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