Did You See the (Yet Another) New DEADLIFT LOLITA MV?

And speaking of having a lot of crap to bust out, here’s one that’s relatively new. It’s called “Muscle Cocktail”!

I see you guys hating on this, but check it:

This is definitely my favorite DLL song to date, and releasing it makes total sense in the wake of the Metal Hammer and Metal Injection mentions from over the past week; yeah, some of that could be what the biz calls “earned media,” given the long-standing association between Babymetal and Ladybaby and, therefore, Ladybeard, but I straight up said “payola” the other day and would stand by it, and not even as a criticism — how do you think Babymetal got to where they are, especially including with the Hammer? It’s literally how the game is played. Hell, enormous Babymetal fan Jay-Z put out 4:44 and it’s pretty pedestrian (come at me), nowhere near as good as he used to be and honestly pretty boring lyrically, but did it get a ton of people onto Tidal? It sure did! Spend money to make money, folks.

But anyway, “Muscle Cocktail” has some nice metally moments and is frankly really throwbacky in a way that I find appealing, tackiness aside. Like, I feel the “THE GIMMICK HAS RUN ITS COURSE” complaint, I do, but what would you do if you had a gimmick that people continued to pay you money to perform? YOU’D KEEP DOING IT UNTIL THEY STOPPED! And, hey look, lots of HTML spilled over ol’ Beard. I feel like I want to get career advice from the guy.

Also, I dig on the actual wrestling in the beginning. Also also, it’s way better than the campiest video in the history of idol, which is a really difficult thing to accomplish at this point.

Update: Oh

2 thoughts on “Did You See the (Yet Another) New DEADLIFT LOLITA MV?

  1. I have nothing bad to say about DEADLIFT LOLITA so it’s good to see them doing what they love and it is a pretty badass name. Also Reika Saiki can most likely kick 97% of all wota asses so that gets a thumbs up from me. I did see you mentioned Jay-Z though and I was always a huge hip hop head before I got into Idol. I agree with your stance on the 4:44 album. This is what I wrote after hearing it:

    Done with a first listen. Thoughts. First thing I like about it is the production is not too saturated where it overshadows the music as a whole which is one thing I disliked about his previous album MCHG. The sounds here are good quality, great placement of samples and some nice instrumentation (like the jazz, funk, etc.) The last verse on “Smile” is really good and “Caught Their Eyes” is my favorite song at the moment. “Bam” is crazy too when Marley is rockin on it. About the only thing that I can say is a fault in it is the majority of the songs featured Jay delivering his verses in that same flow and vibe throughout which makes the sound a bit stagnant. I know that’s a trademark Jay-Z flow but he has shown several times in the past he’s capable of diversity. The lyrics are decently above average though and great to hear words enunciated and sentences that can actually be understood in hip hop these days lol.

    • True story: The first time that I heard somebody use the word “mumblecore” (which was shockingly fairly recent), I thought it was referring to a rapping technique.

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