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Friends, I’m tempted to just copy in the text of the official press release that’s going out on Monday, but I worked it out with the other parties involved, and we agreed that a message like this would be the most appropriate way to address this situation.

On Feb. 17, I was approached by a person whose name you probably know but who has asked to not be referred to by name until the official announcement is made. This person runs a management company that happens to include some beloved-by-us idols, and they had noticed over a period of several months the frequency at which those idols came up here and the level of response to them in the international fan community, on this site and elsewhere.

The proposition was a simple one: Our intent is to build “a bridge across the ocean” and start semi-regular activities in North America and Europe for existing groups, and launch domestic units within the next two years after sufficient market research has been conducted; we want you, Homicidol Maniac, to be a leader of this effort.

I have a great deal of respect for all of the people involved in this. While we have not always had an easy relationship, we have always had a workable one, and, having spent the past six weeks learning more about the particular people in management and among the talent, I can say that these are deeply serious, intelligent, talented people who are going to be doing incredible things in the world of music for the foreseeable future. I feel a little badly for having thrown some shade their way, but business is business and I got them to understand the different outlook of the average Westerner.

It will, therefore, be an honor to join their team. Specifically, I’ll be working in multimedia creative in everything from concept to marketing, and likely contributing English-language assistance in forming strategic partnerships with other companies.

What does that mean for I’m glad you asked. For me to continue the site as it currently is would, all parties agree, constitute a conflict of interest that would breach the terms of the employment contract I signed last week, and I would need to divest myself of any interest in the site and its activities.

To further that effort, I contacted some people who I’ve known for several years, people with whom I’ve done creative projects in the past. A few literal games of telephone ensued until I was speaking with a senior vice president of web and digital at an enormous international media company; after some cordial negotiations, we agreed that I would sell, along with all associated brand elements and social accounts, for a price that you definitely won’t believe, so I won’t be publicizing it. AND MY LAWYER’S GETTING A BIG CHUNK SO IT BARELY MATTERS! #bitter (But hey, Kerrie’s finally going to get paid, so that’s nice.)

Suffice it to say that the company, which again will be made known when the press release goes out, is making a significant investment as a gamble that this idol thing will, in fact, take off in North America. I’m not completely sure, but I believe that there are relationships between the company, William Morris Agency and Sony, so the interest in seeing if other idols can approach Babymetal’s level of success is apparent.

So isn’t going away. In fact, in the coming months, it will probably get a significant facelift. There will definitely be new writers (a friend that you all know well has alluded with all the subtlety of a Code Orange breakdown that she’s been invited to contribute). There will be new and more and better content than anything that I ever did.

There will be a transition, and this is important because it matters to me: Though my time as owner and primary everything is over in a hot minute, I will still be periodically contributing pieces. The Corenament will be resolved (by me). A few community games that I was in the process of designing will probably still happen down the road.

And between now and when the new creative team officially takes over, I asked that a person who I trust more than anybody to be a caretaker for this dumb place be permitted to step in as lead. So, beginning tomorrow, Kerrie will be the new editor/writer/joker/asshat for, and the creative team assigned by corporate will step in gradually over the next couple of weeks.

Kerrie, as you know, has a wicked sense of humor and a great handle on idol. It helps that she digs pretty much everything that gets kicked around on here, but we’ve been sharing resources back and forth over the past couple of weeks just to get her up to speed. She’s bright and clever, and I have all the confidence in the world that the version of that steps into existence tomorrow morning will be very much like what I tried to build — with the added bonus that Kerrie can actually Japanese, so there’ll most definitely be fewer dumbass errors.

You’ve all been great supporters of this project — from clicking to look at something new to commenting to sending me hate mail to sharing tips — and I’m going to miss that level of involvement in the community, but the bright side is that I get to engage from a new angle now, and actually make money off of a big, bold step forward for idols who definitely deserve it.

Treat the Weeaboo Witch well, and treat my website well. And wish me luck!

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    • This post has enough fantastical elements, mixed with enough concrete things (Maniac works way too hard, Kerrie’s contributions are clutch, they both deserve compensation), also mixed with Maniac’s whole existence being a mystery … It seems reasonable, but it was posted at a bit of an eyebrow-raising time. I’m looking forward to this alleged press release. Some ‘splaining has got to be done!
      Just in case, I’ll ingratiate myself with the new staff: Long live Kerrie! Give me a guest column where I absolutely roast Kenta Sakurai for his hairstyle choices.

  1. way to let the cat out the box early maniac, I thought we agreed to speak about this later! guess he didn’t want people to think it was an april fools joke…

  2. Thank you everyone, for your kind words. I may not be as imaginative or as witty as Maniac here, but I’ll try my hardest to keep this site going from now on.

    If you have any suggestions on how to keep this site going, please let me know in the comments. I may need some third-party help at first.

  3. First of, good for you. I really hope things work out as expected.

    In the past, you (along with your not-insignifigant loose affiliation/posse of fellow reveiwers, bloggers and contributors) have presented all manner of “Hard” Idols in what seems a truly unbiased manner. Well, unbiased as any normal IDOL fan can be. You obviously put quite a bit of yourself into building this place, I hope it’s spirit continues.

    Not too many beefs with any Units of note except for the kayfabe heel managment stuff, A healthy (albeit Western) amount of concern for the Talent (read that as IDOLS actual daily well-being) And a willingness to bring emergent or wholly underappreciated Idols to our collective attention.

    I don’t know either way whether that can or will continue entirely in the future, I or it will be Exponentially a better place here. I will say that the mission statement/sales-pitch sounds good. but how it ends up in execution is of course subject to the needs and demand of the new owners(s) of HOMICIDOLS.COM.

    Good luck to Kerrie in the interim, not sure what role you have in the transition, or new direction, MANIAC, but hope stuff goes well.

    I’ll give the new iteration a fair shake. I’It will obviously be different. I’m certain many things will be better, and some things may be the same, and some things may actually be less than ideal.

    That being said. IDOL is hard. change is hard, change is inevitable.
    Therefore Idol is inevitable.

  4. For reals??! Sweet!!

    I wanna quit my job and bring idols West too…

    You’re livin’ the dream, man.

  5. This is indeed great news and I’m looking forward to the full release.

    Like Maniac wouldn’t be this cruel and fill us with hope just for a joke?

    I would also love to work with idols 🙂

  6. So, first of all is FoxDay, then AprilFoolsDay and I dont believe this. But someday it will happen. Please make Avandoned, Chii-chan and Happy Paprika as big as Babymetal. Then bring BiS over. But never do any BiSH as long as the Ling Ling and the Glasses Girl are in this group.

  7. Bloody hell, now even Maniac is graduating!

    Good luck man and thanks. You were personally responsible for introducing me to around half of my current favourite groups.

  8. I bet it’s Codomomental. No-one else not called Babymetal is remotely interested in what the baka gaijin think. Oh there’s Necroma but they already have a Westerner in charge. And there are other clues.

    Just wanted to put this here so I can point out how clever I am on Monday if I’m right!

    • That’s my 2nd guess, I just wonder if they would have the resources and contacts to pull it off. Plus very little shade has been thrown Codo’s way except for the kerfuffle late last year and I have no idea who the head of Codomomental is other than he’s Milcboy’s brother.
      Maybe it’s Anfort and we’ll both look like fools.
      Time will tell all tales.

      • That stuff last year is what I thought Maniac was referring to, tame as it was. It can’t be Watanabe, he’s *still* slagging him off! The Not Secured Loose Ends stuff started in February around when Maniac says he was approached and if you’ve received their emails or looked at their site, you’ll know they are in need of a native English speaker (Tront??). Aaaand there’s this cryptic comment:

        I want my “Happy Birthday” from Shida!

        (sorry to Maniac if I am right but this is just too much fun)

        • All good points (except the part about Maniac still slagging Watanabe, I doubt he views being compared to the all time great wrestling manger heels as an insult).
          Codo does seem to be an outside the box company, it’s mainly the issue of resources and contacts that makes me think Wack is the likely culprit.
          I wouldn’t sweat the wild speculation, one can’t put out the message Maniac did and not expect some.
          There is always the April 1st factor and this could just be a prank.
          Right now I’m 55% Wack, 30% Codo , 10% someone else and 5% it’s a prank.

  9. thankyou for all you’ve done on this website to spread the news on Idol, I’m sure the website will continue to flourish as it seems Kerrie is a top lass. good luck with your future endeavors and See ya space cowboy.

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