So This Is the Ghost Party at Christmas Night, Then

Thank you, well-named Twitter friend @GodMars, for bringing The LunaBell back into our lives, where the Artist Otherwise Known as Suzu Hinata, uh …


How exactly would you describe that? Kind of gothic? It’s something! I mean, I never don’t have at least a few dozen words for anything, and I barely have the ability to form completely neutral banality for this song. Even the MV has me baffled, and it couldn’t be any simpler. Is this basically paying off on my stopped-at-Spencer’s-on-the-way-to-Hot-Topic thing?

I don’t even know if like it, but I kind of want to see what else happens with this project? That makes sense, right?

2 thoughts on “So This Is the Ghost Party at Christmas Night, Then

  1. Kind of in the same boat. I love Suzu because she’s bent in just the right kind of way for me, and the music video is randomly well budgeted, but the song kind of has hooky bits I like and bits which I would happily set on fire. I’ll keep my eye on it.

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